Land at Rossett Green Lane

Site Name

Land at Rossett Green Lane

Reference number

First Application: 16/02825  Second Application: 17/00213

Outline or Full



Berkeley DeVeer



Number of dwellings

First Application: 22  Second Application: 14


Pending consideration


This greenfield site is adjacent to the development at 11 Rossett Green Lane. It is outside the current development limits and has clear impacts on the landscape, character of the Crimple Valley.

The application was refused on 28 November 2016 on the grounds that it would have an adverse impact on the landscape character of the Special Landscape Area. An appeal against this decision was dismissed.

A second application was submitted on the same site for 14 dwellings and considered by committee on 14 August 2017.   An appeal had already been lodged for non-determination, and the committee resolved to inform the inspector that the authority were minded to refuse the application.   The outcome of the appeal is awaited.