Windmill Farm off Otley Road (H49)

Site name                             Windmill Farm off Otley Road (H49)

Reference number                Not allocated yet

Outline or Full

Applicant                              Anwyl Homes

Developer                            Taylor Whimpey UK (400)  Redrow Homes (300)

Number of Dwellings         780

Status                                  Pending consideration

Description                          Description – This site was included in the HBC local plan with a figure of 776 dwellings quoted in terms of yield. In the early part of 2019 a Scoping Application was received by HBC quoting a figure of 1,000 dwellings. A detailed planning application is to be submitted to HBC in relation to a scheme for 780 housing units split between Taylor Wimpey UK and Redrow Homes. H49 is also expected deliver additional housing units from an area set aside for self-build properties and a separate, substantial plot near the south east corner of H49.

Windmill Farm layout