Congestion Study Update

Many of you will be aware that NYCC are holding a series of sessions on the congestion study. The material presented by NYCC has consisted of a number of boards covering the various incursions relating to Package B (sustainability) and Package E (sustainability plus infrastructure), with members of NYCC and WSP, who are the consultants that have been involved, being on hand to answer questions. Our worry with this overall process has been that little of the material being presented by NYCC addresses the problems of the western arc of Harrogate, This Power Point presentation is an attempt to provide information in relation to the actual problems being experienced on the western arc,plus the anticipated effects of the nearly 4000 additional houses planned, and at the NYCC session that was held in Pannal Village Hall on 16th May many residents stated that they found this information useful. It has largely been compiled by Pannal & Burn Bridge, with input from HAPARA, and whilst it largely emphasises the problems be experienced by Pannal, it serves to highlight similar problems along the Otley Road, as well as other local roads.

So far much of the congestion study debate has been around the relief road that is part of Package E, so there has been a real danger that the problems of the western arc will be overlooked.The purpose of this presentation is , hopefully, to provide people with more immediately relevant information when completing the NYCC congestion study questionnaire. NYCC are aware of this material, and we have been assured that referring to it should not present a problem.

So far we are not convinced that the measures in either Package (B and E) will relieve the anticipated levels of congestion on this side of town, and we have yet to see deliverable solutions, one of which would need to be a significant improvement in public transport.


A copy of the presentation can be found here.